【TOCFL】 2024 年 7 月全國正式聽讀測驗報名開始

2024 年 7 月 20 日的聽讀測驗將在 6 月 25 日報名截止 名額有限,請把握機會報名!
👉成績單、證書規定 (聽讀測驗 CAT):https://tocfl.edu.tw/index.php/sign_up/rule/list/1
👉證書試算 (聽讀測驗 CAT):https://tocfl.edu.tw/qrcode/main1_new.html
❤️溫馨小提醒❤️請在報名完成後 3 天內繳費💸以免報名失效

Registration for the TOCFL Listening & Reading CAT Formal Test on July 20, 2024 will be closed on June 25. The test seats are limited so please seize the opportunity.
👉Registration system: https://reg.sc-top.org.tw/index.php
👉Further information: https://tocfl.edu.tw/index.php/test/cat
👉Important Information: https://tocfl.edu.tw/index.php/test/cat/list/5
👉Criteria for issuing certificates and score reports (Listening & Reading CAT Formal Test): https://tocfl.edu.tw/index.php/sign_up/rule/list/1
👉Certificate level generator (Listening & Reading CAT Formal Test): https://tocfl.edu.tw/qrcode/main1_new.html
❤️Friendly reminder❤️Please complete your payment💸within 3 days after registering for the TOCFL test.